Family Support

Family members of those who are using or abusing drugs have their own battles to face. They can feel frustration, isolation, loneliness, and confusion. This is common for those who love someone that is using and/or addicted to drugs or alcohol. Families of users should practice self-care. There are many support services specific to the struggles of family or loved ones of drug users.

Families of users should try to identify areas where their own behavior is limiting their loved ones’ movement in to treatment, healing, and / or recovery. This, and practicing self-care, are two of the best paths to take when working with a loved one struggling with addiction.

Family Support Resources and Information:

Local Support Groups

Milwaukee County

United We C.A.N (Change Addiction Now) – Shorewood, WI

Nar-Anon – Find a Meeting – Oak Creek, Wauwatosa, Brown Deer, WI

Caring Connections: Support for Families with Addiction – West Allis, WI

Red-Oak Counseling – Oak Creek, WI

Waukesha County

Healing Corner, LLC Brookfield, WI

Thunder & Rain – Waukesha, WI

Nar-Anon – Find a Meeting – Waukesha, WI

Red-Oak Counseling – Elm Grove, WI


Get One-on-One Help

Where to Get Help 

Grief Recovery Resources

Red-Oak Counseling

Grief Recovery After a Substance Passing (GRASP)

United We C.A.N. Red Balloon Group

Grief Share: Find a Group Near You

Mental Health America of Wisconsin – Milwaukee County Support Groups

NPR: When A Loved One Dies of Overdose, What Happens to the Family?

Tips for Self-Care

Addictions and Help for Families with Addiction

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