Recovery is the next step after an individual suffering with opioid use disorder has achieved sobriety. While recovery may seem like the last step in an addiction cycle, it is a life-long, on-going step for those with substance-use disorders. There are transitional periods that may trigger someone to begin using again. People in recovery and their families should understand and use coping behaviors for long-term addiction recovery.

Recovery Resources and Information:

Transitional and Sober Housing

This form of recovery is a group of individuals living in a structured environment in efforts to maintain sobriety and is an option only after treatment is completed.

Housing for Women

Addiction Recovery Environment(ARE) Homes –

Butterfly House:

Meta House, Milwaukee:

Shorewood House:

Housing for Men

Cephas House, Waukesha, (with referral from Dept. of Corrections and transitioning out of jail):

Promise View –

Housing for All

4th Dimension Sobriety –

SALS Recovery Houses:

Guest House of Milwaukee:

Healing Point:

High-Risk Times for Those with Substance Use Disorder

After Discharge from Treatment

When relapse turns deadly: what you need to know about drug overdose

The high risk of relapse leading to accidental overdose

After Discharge from Jail

Newly released inmates face higher risk of overdose death, study shows

Drug Toxicity Deaths after Release from Incarceration in Ontario, 2006-2013: Review of Coroner’s Cases

Return to drug use and overdose after release from prison: a qualitative study of risk and protective factors – Binswanger et al, 2012

Mortality after prison release: opioid overdose and other causes of death, risk factors, and time trends from 1999 to 2009 – Binswanger et al, 2013

Long-Term Recovery

Red-Oak Counseling 

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Milwaukee – Metro Milwaukee Narcotics Anonymous Meetings Map

Narotics Anonymous 

Self Management for Addiction Recovery

Understanding Addiction Recovery

Tips for Living with a Recovering Addict

5 Tips for Living with a Recovering Addict

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